General Questions

What is a Furry?

What is FurFling?

How old do I have to be to use FurFling?

Is FurFling strictly an adult hookup site?

How do I use FurFling?

How do I get other members to message me?

Do you allow explicit content?

I see a member on the site who looks suspicious. What do I do?


How do I upload my profile photo?

How do I create an album on my profile?

What are the album photo restrictions?

How come my profile photo or album photos have been deleted?

How come my photos are not showing up on my profile right after uploading it?

Being a Member

Why can't I read my messages?

Can I send messages to other members for free?

Why should I subscribe to FurFling?

Cancellation / Payments Details

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

How do I cancel my free account?

If I cancel my account, can I always re-open it?

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

What will the charge appear as on my bank or credit card statement?

What happens once I purchase a subscription?

What is a ccbill subscription ID and where can I locate it?

What kinds of payment methods does FurFling accept?

Does FurFling accept PayPal or payments from American Express?

I do not have a credit card, what are your other payment alternatives?

Login Issues

I am unable to login. How do I reset my password?

I am having login issues. What do I do?


How long will it take for Customer Support to reply back to my email?

Why do I not receive an email response whenever I contact you?

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